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May 2015

Local is Lekker: 5 reasons to buy local

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1. Job creation
In South Africa’s current economic climate where jobs are scarce, investing your money in locally produced goods feeds directly into the uplifting and strengthening of your local economy. By creating the demand for a locally produced product you are also aiding job creation in and around Cape Town. We here at Freedom of Movement employ 9 Lekker Locals in our efforts to provide you the consumer with top quality handmade artisanal genuine leather bags in the Mother City and sunny Stellenbosch.

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Every student needs a backpack

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Back Smart Backpacks
It is in the nature of a successful student to take notes. Wherein or whereupon is a matter of personal preference; a tablet, a laptop, a notebook, to each his own. What is the one thing these devices have in common? It is a pain in the neck to drag them across campus all day; literally. When carrying even a kilogram of weight consistently, day after day, you put enormous strain on your back and your head-neck-spine relationship. This strain is aggravated ten-fold if you carry the weight on one side of the body, causing spinal misalignment.

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