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Vegan Leather

By May 13, 2015Uncategorized

What on earth is vegan leather?

So you absolutely love leather; leather purses, leather shoes, leather bags – especially leather bags – but you also love cows, with their big sad eyes, and you don’t want to see them get hurt. The solution to this moral dilemma lies with vegan leather. If at this point you’re wondering how leather could possibly be vegan, here are the facts:

It’s not actually leather at all

Vegan leather is the name given to cork- and kelp-based leather substitutes, as well as the more commonly chemically manufactured microfiber faux leathers, PVC included.


The ugly truth

While vegan leather may save Daisy the cow, it isn’t necessarily eco-friendly. Many of the chemically manufactured leather substitute fabrics, such as PVC, actually release harmful toxins during the production process as well as during incineration and “decomposition”. These leathers are effectively made from petroleum. PVC as a plastic-type fabric cannot completely decompose, and as such it releases traces of deadly toxins; one of which is dioxins. When the plastic-based synthetics do eventually break down they also release phthalates. Phthalates are added to PVC-type products as a softening agent, but when introduced into the food chain and the atmosphere, phthalates cause birth defects, breast cancers, respiratory complications and hormonal imbalances.


The advantages of purchasing genuine leather

  • The hide-tanning process used in the production of genuine leather is actually more eco-friendly than chemically manufacturing faux leathers.
  • In addition to being kinder to the environment every genuine leather product is 100% unique; this is due to the distinctive, individual nature of each hide.
  • Genuine leather products are extremely hard-wearing and become more supple and attractive with age.
  • This is just one of the contributing factors which ensure genuine leather has 3 times the expected life span of its synthetic rivals.
  • Leather is easily maintained and only needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth in order to keep it clean – many leathers these days are even treated with stain-resistant formulas.
  • Finally, nothing in this world beats that new-leather-smell!


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