A new lease on life

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A new lease on life

Once upon a time your father was a little tyke starting first grade. He had in his possession a little genuine leather satchel, just big enough for his books, that the other children teased him about mercilessly. That same satchel is probably your fashion go-to item in the year 2015, but how has that genuine leather bag held up over the past few decades? It’s probably very familiar with the fish moth colony in your closet and has seen many a hand-me-down come and go from the back of your top shelf. How then can you revive this little genuine leather miracle; give it a new lease on life, so to speak?


Revamping and reviving your leather


  1. Most importantly: Always check your vintage genuine leather goods for viability before wasting time and money on efforts to revive the leather product. Check the leather for any dry rot and, choosing a small piece of the genuine leather, roll it between your fingers to check the pliability of the leather. If the leather cracked, it is not worth your attempts to restore. While leather can last for generations if treated and handled correctly, it can decay and become decrepit just as quickly if treated or stored incorrectly like many genuine vintage leather pieces on sale today.
  2. Take a damp (NOT wet) cloth and gently wipe down the genuine leather bag to remove any dust and residue, as well as any build up that has accumulated over the years. For well-preserved second hand genuine leather bags, this may be enough to bring the bag back to brand-spanking-new condition! If this step left something to be desired, consider the following options:
  3. Consider applying a leather conditioner to old, dry leather that is still deemed viable by the test set out in step one. Do note that any such treatments may alter the color of your genuine leather products.
  4. Considering re-dyeing faded, uneven toned leather bags and accessories to suit your current wardrobe palate.
  5. Consider sewing patches over worn or torn areas of leather to create a piece that is unique, one-of-a-kind and totally


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