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Bag it up: The Handbag Edition

For connoisseurs, there is no handbag like a leather handbag. Leather lasts; it’s that simple. Whether the shape and aesthetic last or not is another matter altogether though. It’s best to avoid going full bag-lady ; curate your wardrobe and adorn yourself with handbags that are simple, classically styled and made from good quality leather.


As far back as the 1400’s, handbags have been signifiers of sophistication and style. These days, wear-ability and distinction are inescapable factors which women consider when investing in a handbag  – for the sake of practicality. Practicality however, does not necessarily mean homely or frumpy, after all, how practical is buying something you’re embarrassed to wear? Luckily Freedom of Movement has a beautiful and  practical range of handbags; that you will want to wear.


There is something to be said for going hands-free. Whether it’s a light day hike or exploring foreign cities, this convenient carry-all  is perfect for all manner of necessary travel paraphernalia. With a front pocket, two side pockets and brass buckles, this fully lined Bobby backpack is the timeless travel companion you’ve been waiting for.


If you like the idea of a backpack but need something a little more suited to your delicately balanced work/play lifestyle, the Ted backpack is right up your alley. Both unique and sophisticated, the canvas lined foam compartment is designed to protect your laptop and valuables. The solid brass buckles and rivets, which are a staple across the entire Freedom of Movement range, are durable and secure.

The Little Box Bag

This classically shaped and minimally styled iconic handbag is the answer to many a handbag woe, easily forming the backbone of any handbag collection. Ideal for business meetings and lunch  with the girls, the Little Box Bag always warrants a second glance. Inspired by the elegance of time-honoured bowler bag, the Little Box Bag is designed to hold its shape and your belongings.


Some of us are always on the go, rarely getting to audit our handbags, naturally need to keep a plethora of belongings on hand for life’s little surprises. The Jane handbag is both spacious, sophisticated and contemporary . Fully lined with a zip closure, this bag sneaks snacks into movie theatres, it will be your shopping companion and contain all of your appearance refreshing apparatus for unexpected late nights out.


If you prefer to travel light, The Ava sling bag provides enough space for essentials and few other compact items, without weighing you down too much. Fully lined and secure, this sweet little handbag will take you from picnic to party  in one fell swoop. The soft leather; as with the whole Freedom of Movement range, is an easy to wear wardrobe constant.


Of course, parenting comes with a cornucopia of baggage and keeping track of all of it can distract somewhat from the parenting experience. To combine style and utility, Freedom of Movement created the Sofia nappy bag . This multi-functional zip-up carrier is ideal for nappies and the like. With a fully lined removable inner, this bag can be easily cleaned and double up as a handbag post potty training.

With a handbag for almost every occasion, Freedom of Movement really thought of everything. Accessories do indeed add the finishing touches to the outfit but thankfully you won’t need to think too hard to find the right one.

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