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Freedom of Movement Veldskoen Have Arrived

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Vellies for the Win

As much of an institution as boere wors, pap and two-tone shirts; so too are veldskoen. Unlike two-tone shirts, however, veldskoen have retained their relevance and even gained international recognition. The iconic, hard wearing shoe  is made using both a leather upper and a leather footbed which is attached to a rubber sole. Once properly worn in (4-5 aggressive wears) they are as comfortable as a second skin, and they will take you from the office to a light day hike without so much as a blister (with the right pair of socks).

The Story of the Veldskoen

The first known veldskoen was made as far back as the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company. What the Dutch settlers didn’t know at the time was that they were making fashion history. Meeting one of their most basic needs, protecting their feet from the harsh South African conditions, was a design adapted from that of the Khoisan’s own  footwear. The Veldskoen managed to migrate from the tip of Africa to as far afield as Cairo.

Fresh Take on an Old Favourite

It’s been a few years since the inception of the veldskoen but that hasn’t hindered its sway. More recently the handcrafted shoe has experienced a resurgence in fashion, even garnering recognition at the 2013 Design Indaba . With this in mind, Freedom of Movement has recreated the icon. Of course, as with everything we do, we do it to the best of our ability; ensuring only the best quality, design and wearability.

Just Look at Them!

With the addition of an extra seam here and there; a hard wearing sole, only premium nubuck leather, breathable calf skin lining and a comfortable insole… the veldskoen has finally reached perfection  – in the form of the FOM Vellie . Available in two colours, stone and toffee, these shoes are versatile and stylish enough to weave into most of your outfits. Pair them with jeans for a casual look or with navy trousers to smarten things up a little and you are golden.

FOM Vellie in Stone

FOM Vellie in Toffee

Accessories Make the Man

If you are all about the details, just like us, you will want to pair your FOM Vellies with a couple of suave and stylish accessories.

The Oliver watch in camel

The Oliver watch is a classic and bolder take on the Lincoln; never too bold, however, this watch always demands a second glance. The Oliver watch is available with a black, camel or a tobacco coloured leather strap.

The Joe wallet in Timberland

Of course, as a handbag is to a woman, so is a wallet to the man. The Joe wallet is a slim and compact version of the traditional wallet. Folding only once, this wallet holds 7 cards as well as your coins. The Joe wallet is available in classic, Timberland and toffee coloured leather.

Now that you have ‘leathered up’; you are definitely more likely to garner the odd green gander – owing to your impeccable style choices of course.

Pick the Right Handbag for the Occasion

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Bag it up: The Handbag Edition

For connoisseurs, there is no handbag like a leather handbag. Leather lasts; it’s that simple. Whether the shape and aesthetic last or not is another matter altogether though. It’s best to avoid going full bag-lady ; curate your wardrobe and adorn yourself with handbags that are simple, classically styled and made from good quality leather.


As far back as the 1400’s, handbags have been signifiers of sophistication and style. These days, wear-ability and distinction are inescapable factors which women consider when investing in a handbag  – for the sake of practicality. Practicality however, does not necessarily mean homely or frumpy, after all, how practical is buying something you’re embarrassed to wear? Luckily Freedom of Movement has a beautiful and  practical range of handbags; that you will want to wear.


There is something to be said for going hands-free. Whether it’s a light day hike or exploring foreign cities, this convenient carry-all  is perfect for all manner of necessary travel paraphernalia. With a front pocket, two side pockets and brass buckles, this fully lined Bobby backpack is the timeless travel companion you’ve been waiting for.


If you like the idea of a backpack but need something a little more suited to your delicately balanced work/play lifestyle, the Ted backpack is right up your alley. Both unique and sophisticated, the canvas lined foam compartment is designed to protect your laptop and valuables. The solid brass buckles and rivets, which are a staple across the entire Freedom of Movement range, are durable and secure.

The Little Box Bag

This classically shaped and minimally styled iconic handbag is the answer to many a handbag woe, easily forming the backbone of any handbag collection. Ideal for business meetings and lunch  with the girls, the Little Box Bag always warrants a second glance. Inspired by the elegance of time-honoured bowler bag, the Little Box Bag is designed to hold its shape and your belongings.


Some of us are always on the go, rarely getting to audit our handbags, naturally need to keep a plethora of belongings on hand for life’s little surprises. The Jane handbag is both spacious, sophisticated and contemporary . Fully lined with a zip closure, this bag sneaks snacks into movie theatres, it will be your shopping companion and contain all of your appearance refreshing apparatus for unexpected late nights out.


If you prefer to travel light, The Ava sling bag provides enough space for essentials and few other compact items, without weighing you down too much. Fully lined and secure, this sweet little handbag will take you from picnic to party  in one fell swoop. The soft leather; as with the whole Freedom of Movement range, is an easy to wear wardrobe constant.

Woman at the lake with a child carrying a leather bag


Of course, parenting comes with a cornucopia of baggage and keeping track of all of it can distract somewhat from the parenting experience. To combine style and utility, Freedom of Movement created the Sofia nappy bag . This multi-functional zip-up carrier is ideal for nappies and the like. With a fully lined removable inner, this bag can be easily cleaned and double up as a handbag post potty training.

With a handbag for almost every occasion, Freedom of Movement really thought of everything. Accessories do indeed add the finishing touches to the outfit but thankfully you won’t need to think too hard to find the right one.

Investment Pieces for the Sartorially Gifted

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While face tattoos are winning the hearts of the grungy hip, if you are searching for ways to refresh your own look, you might want to consider something a little less avant garde? The truth is, not all that is considered fashionable endures. You might want to consider a more cultivated investment as opposed to something that elicits, ‘sorry we aren’t hiring at the moment’. Simplicity is of utmost importance if you really want to appear sartorially gifted for years to come.

Ava: The Sling Bag

Where form meets function, design endures. Away from mass produced tat, is the compact sling bag. This bag encapsulates all your daily necessities from notebooks to makeup bags in one neat over the shoulder bag.

Best worn with blue jeans, this sling bag makes for an understated and ageless look. Matching this sling with an updated silhouette; trendy jeans and a white collared shirt will ensure you never appear behind the times.

Bobby: The Backpack

Cool kids of the 90’s have been waiting for this carry all to level up. Kipling is out, and leather is in. This is the bag that frees your hands up for adventure. Whether you’re beach walking, nature exploring or site seeing, with this backpack on your shoulders you can follow your nose in style.

Nothing short of the rebirth of cool; this is the accoutrement which can only make your outfit. The sprinkles on your coke-float; this backpack is best worn with vellies, sunscreen and an adventure seeking spirit.

Franklin: The Duffel

It’s true; you can only invent the light bulb once – the duffle is the light bulb of the luggage industry. As we trade rugged camping trips for romantic trysts, the move to leather is a well-earned improvement. This duffel has been made for the person who knows how to powernap between toiling in the surf and sundowners in the city.

If you’re driving, this duffel works best with a classic Land Rover Defender on scenic mountain passes. If you’re flying, you know better than to waste time checking your duffel in. On arrival, if you aren’t sporting a classic pair of sunglasses, perhaps walk behind the porter as not to ruin your stylish duffel’s entrance.

Jamie: The messenger

Not unlike Le Corbusier’s urban planning, the messenger is a tribute to functionality… only more successful. While this over-the-shoulder design emerged in the 50s, today this bag is a style icon, ready to catapult you into the next industrial revolution.

This all leather messenger bag makes a comfortable home for laptops 13 inches or smaller. The bag of the successful entrepreneur is best worn with a dash of spirited enthusiasm and big dreams.

In your search for eclectic wardrobe staples, never disregard the value of classic lines, quality material and an altogether under-the-radar colour scheme. Leather is known for its quintessential robust and timeless appeal. Freedom of Movement design and manufacture quality handcrafted leather goods for the enjoyment of the discerning and worldly. Stay free and keep moving.

A new lease on life

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A new lease on life

Once upon a time your father was a little tyke starting first grade. He had in his possession a little genuine leather satchel, just big enough for his books, that the other children teased him about mercilessly. That same satchel is probably your fashion go-to item in the year 2015, but how has that genuine leather bag held up over the past few decades? It’s probably very familiar with the fish moth colony in your closet and has seen many a hand-me-down come and go from the back of your top shelf. How then can you revive this little genuine leather miracle; give it a new lease on life, so to speak?

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Caveman DIY Part 2: The Vegetable Tanning Chronicles

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The Vegetable Tanning Chronicles

When you find yourself needing a large bolt of fabric to make a shawl or a coat, you visit a fabric shop and have a veritable smorgasbord of colours, patterns and finishes to choose from; but our ancestors weren’t so lucky. When “primitive” man found himself in need of a large piece of fabric from which to fashion clothes, containers and the like he really only had the one option: a hide.

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Caveman DIY: How “primitive” leather was treated

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Caveman DIY: How “primitive” leather was treated
Since Prometheus saw fit to grace the earth with his gift, man has been making use of animal skins not only to clothe himself; but also to store food and drink, swaddle babies and build shelter. Leather, which particularly in the modern era has proven itself infinitely useful and diverse, was once a staple fabric, produced by hand by the same hunter or clan who had hunted the animal for its meat. This ancient practice of using the whole, wild-hunted animal has been on the rise again in the modern world where the rise of environmental-consciousness has driven the masses to call for more ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable alternatives to caged and bred animals that are slaughtered for a single purpose and not wholly used.

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Local is Lekker: 5 reasons to buy local

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1. Job creation

In South Africa’s current economic climate where jobs are scarce, investing your money in locally produced goods feeds directly into the uplifting and strengthening of your local economy. By creating the demand for a locally produced product you are also aiding job creation in and around Cape Town. We here at Freedom of Movement employ 9 Lekker Locals in our efforts to provide you the consumer with top quality handmade artisanal genuine leather bags in the Mother City and sunny Stellenbosch.

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Every student needs a backpack

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Back Smart Backpacks

It is in the nature of a successful student to take notes. Wherein or whereupon is a matter of personal preference; a tablet, a laptop, a notebook, to each his own. What is the one thing these devices have in common? It is a pain in the neck to drag them across campus all day; literally. When carrying even a kilogram of weight consistently, day after day, you put enormous strain on your back and your head-neck-spine relationship. This strain is aggravated ten-fold if you carry the weight on one side of the body, causing spinal misalignment.

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Vegan Leather

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What on earth is vegan leather?

So you absolutely love leather; leather purses, leather shoes, leather bags – especially leather bags – but you also love cows, with their big sad eyes, and you don’t want to see them get hurt. The solution to this moral dilemma lies with vegan leather. If at this point you’re wondering how leather could possibly be vegan, here are the facts:

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Leather: an Investment

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It’s an investment

As a regular Joe you could spend a lifetime scrimping and saving your hard-earned money so as to, one day down the line, be able to afford the designer bag of your dreams (or your significant other’s dreams; in which case you may still be footing the sizeable bill). What I’m sure any designer bag lover will tell you is that you are paying for quality when purchasing designer labels; and are not just paying for the name as we mere mortals may assume, but that is not necessarily true…

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From Field to Fashion-wear

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At Freedom of Movement we pride ourselves on delivering only the best genuine leather bags to the City of Cape Town and beyond. In order to do so we use only the very best genuine leather available; but how is leather produced, and what differentiates good leather for inferior quality? Read More

Local is (really) Lekker!

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Recently, we were presented with a great opportunity to collaborate on The Cape Brewing Company’s project “Love The Craft”, we naturally jumped on board! We initially saw this as an opportunity to network and market our brand – basically as purely a business opportunity. Little did we know what an illuminating experience this would be. The project is simply an appreciation of local artisans who pour their hearts and souls into their craft, and the outcome is beautifully influenced by the nuances which make us South African. Read More

This is Why Quality Counts

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Everybody loves a good bargain but there are times when paying a bit more for good quality translates into saving money in the long run.. Anyone can buy something  for cheaper, we all know this.There are, however, certain items that should last a lifetime and these items are worth the extra spend.
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