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Back Smart Backpacks

It is in the nature of a successful student to take notes. Wherein or whereupon is a matter of personal preference; a tablet, a laptop, a notebook, to each his own. What is the one thing these devices have in common? It is a pain in the neck to drag them across campus all day; literally. When carrying even a kilogram of weight consistently, day after day, you put enormous strain on your back and your head-neck-spine relationship. This strain is aggravated ten-fold if you carry the weight on one side of the body, causing spinal misalignment.

The harsh reality

Leading experts say  that you can cause permanent damage to your spine if you routinely carry more than 10% of your bodyweight; and the weight of your books and laptop do add up fast! That being said, the safest way to carry any additional weight, is with the aid of a backpack; and what could be more stylish than one of Freedom of Movement’s handmade, genuine leather artisanal backpacks? Made in sunny Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, Freedom of Movement’s genuine leather backpacks are the stylish solution to curing the backache pandemic; here’s why:


Spinal Curvature

One of the leading causes of backache is misalignment or incorrect curvatures of the spine due to uneven distribution of weight on the body maintain the experts. This kind of uneven distribution is often as the result of carrying heavy-laden messenger bags, shoulder bags or even handbags; especially among the student population.



By opting to carry one of Freedom of Movement’s stylish genuine leather backpacks you are not only investing in a versatile accessory that transitions seamlessly from classroom to club; but you are investing in your continued good health! By carrying a backpack which evenly distributes weight across your body you avoid doing damage to your spine by causing unnatural curvature. Some Top Tips for carrying our stylish genuine leather backpacks “back smart” include:


Wear it high

By wearing the backpack as high as possible on the back you reduce the amount of strain on your shoulders, back muscles and spine. Aim to have the top of the bag sit level with the bony protrusion at the back of the neck at shoulder height by shortening the straps accordingly.


Wear it close

Wear your genuine leather backpack as close to your own centre of gravity as possible as this reduces the amount of strain on your back even more!


Invest in your health and style this winter by purchasing one of Freedom of Movement’s genuine leather backpacks today!




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