Freedom of Movement Veldskoen Have Arrived

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Vellies for the Win

As much of an institution as boere wors, pap and two-tone shirts; so too are veldskoen. Unlike two-tone shirts, however, veldskoen have retained their relevance and even gained international recognition. The iconic, hard wearing shoe  is made using both a leather upper and a leather footbed which is attached to a rubber sole. Once properly worn in (4-5 aggressive wears) they are as comfortable as a second skin, and they will take you from the office to a light day hike without so much as a blister (with the right pair of socks).

The Story of the Veldskoen

The first known veldskoen was made as far back as the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company. What the Dutch settlers didn’t know at the time was that they were making fashion history. Meeting one of their most basic needs, protecting their feet from the harsh South African conditions, was a design adapted from that of the Khoisan’s own  footwear. The Veldskoen managed to migrate from the tip of Africa to as far afield as Cairo.

Fresh Take on an Old Favourite

It’s been a few years since the inception of the veldskoen but that hasn’t hindered its sway. More recently the handcrafted shoe has experienced a resurgence in fashion, even garnering recognition at the 2013 Design Indaba . With this in mind, Freedom of Movement has recreated the icon. Of course, as with everything we do, we do it to the best of our ability; ensuring only the best quality, design and wearability.

Just Look at Them!

With the addition of an extra seam here and there; a hard wearing sole, only premium nubuck leather, breathable calf skin lining and a comfortable insole… the veldskoen has finally reached perfection  – in the form of the FOM Vellie . Available in two colours, stone and toffee, these shoes are versatile and stylish enough to weave into most of your outfits. Pair them with jeans for a casual look or with navy trousers to smarten things up a little and you are golden.

FOM Vellie in Stone

FOM Vellie in Toffee

Accessories Make the Man

If you are all about the details, just like us, you will want to pair your FOM Vellies with a couple of suave and stylish accessories.

The Oliver watch in camel

The Oliver watch is a classic and bolder take on the Lincoln; never too bold, however, this watch always demands a second glance. The Oliver watch is available with a black, camel or a tobacco coloured leather strap.

The Joe wallet in Timberland

Of course, as a handbag is to a woman, so is a wallet to the man. The Joe wallet is a slim and compact version of the traditional wallet. Folding only once, this wallet holds 7 cards as well as your coins. The Joe wallet is available in classic, Timberland and toffee coloured leather.

Now that you have ‘leathered up’; you are definitely more likely to garner the odd green gander – owing to your impeccable style choices of course.

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