The Ava

Gracefully elegant. The Ava won’t change the way you move but wear her by your side and her elegance might just rub off on you.

The Block Betty

This uniquely shaped shoulder/crossbody bag and the perfect companion for all your daily essentials and valuables.

The Circle Sally

This perfectly crafted round crossbody bag would love to become your everyday sidekick.

The Jane

Sophisticated beauty. The Jane won’t chase your dreams for you, but having her on your shoulder can only help.

The Juno

Juno is an elegant and petite ladies backpack crafted for ladies on the move.

The Rosie

Every lady needs that ‘old faithful’, that bag that can go everywhere everyday, that constant that you almost cannot picture doing life without.

The Baby Bobby

The Baby Bobby is based on the design of its older sibling, The Bobby. A slightly smaller backpack for the finer things in life.

The Nappy Bag

Our multi-functional nappy bag made for the Mommy on the move and features a removable and washable canvas inner to ensure that the bag can be used as a handbag/travel bag/day bag long after nappies are needed.

The Zollie

Elegant, pure, and always ready to shine her light on the world. Our signature ‘shopper’ is named after the founders’ mother Isolde.