Investment Pieces for the Sartorially Gifted

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While face tattoos are winning the hearts of the grungy hip, if you are searching for ways to refresh your own look, you might want to consider something a little less avant garde? The truth is, not all that is considered fashionable endures. You might want to consider a more cultivated investment as opposed to something that elicits, ‘sorry we aren’t hiring at the moment’. Simplicity is of utmost importance if you really want to appear sartorially gifted for years to come.

Ava: The Sling Bag

Where form meets function, design endures. Away from mass produced tat, is the compact sling bag. This bag encapsulates all your daily necessities from notebooks to makeup bags in one neat over the shoulder bag.

Best worn with blue jeans, this sling bag makes for an understated and ageless look. Matching this sling with an updated silhouette; trendy jeans and a white collared shirt will ensure you never appear behind the times.

Bobby: The Backpack

Cool kids of the 90’s have been waiting for this carry all to level up. Kipling is out, and leather is in. This is the bag that frees your hands up for adventure. Whether you’re beach walking, nature exploring or site seeing, with this backpack on your shoulders you can follow your nose in style.

Nothing short of the rebirth of cool; this is the accoutrement which can only make your outfit. The sprinkles on your coke-float; this backpack is best worn with vellies, sunscreen and an adventure seeking spirit.

Franklin: The Duffel

It’s true; you can only invent the light bulb once – the duffle is the light bulb of the luggage industry. As we trade rugged camping trips for romantic trysts, the move to leather is a well-earned improvement. This duffel has been made for the person who knows how to powernap between toiling in the surf and sundowners in the city.

If you’re driving, this duffel works best with a classic Land Rover Defender on scenic mountain passes. If you’re flying, you know better than to waste time checking your duffel in. On arrival, if you aren’t sporting a classic pair of sunglasses, perhaps walk behind the porter as not to ruin your stylish duffel’s entrance.

Jamie: The messenger

Not unlike Le Corbusier’s urban planning, the messenger is a tribute to functionality… only more successful. While this over-the-shoulder design emerged in the 50s, today this bag is a style icon, ready to catapult you into the next industrial revolution.

This all leather messenger bag makes a comfortable home for laptops 13 inches or smaller. The bag of the successful entrepreneur is best worn with a dash of spirited enthusiasm and big dreams.

In your search for eclectic wardrobe staples, never disregard the value of classic lines, quality material and an altogether under-the-radar colour scheme. Leather is known for its quintessential robust and timeless appeal. Freedom of Movement design and manufacture quality handcrafted leather goods for the enjoyment of the discerning and worldly. Stay free and keep moving.

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