Leather: an Investment

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It’s an investment

As a regular Joe you could spend a lifetime scrimping and saving your hard-earned money so as to, one day down the line, be able to afford the designer bag of your dreams (or your significant other’s dreams; in which case you may still be footing the sizeable bill). What I’m sure any designer bag lover will tell you is that you are paying for quality when purchasing designer labels; and are not just paying for the name as we mere mortals may assume, but that is not necessarily true…

What’s in a name?

As a quick google search will confirm for you; even some of the foremost design houses, who are associated with A-list celebrities and whose merchandise costs the same as a small car, sell products that are manufactured using substandard materials. There are certain famous designers and design houses that sell handbags and accessories made from coated canvas or “vegan leathers” (PVC), that are not only harmful to the environment, but that will ultimately not stand the test of time in the same way that leather undoubtedly will. Cost does thus not always ensure you are buying items of superior quality. A genuine leather bag, such as Freedom of Movement’s unique genuine leather designs, is not only more cost effective, but is equally stylish and is made to last a lifetime.

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Leather – an investment

While coated canvas bags are being sold as quality products under design houses’ names, leather is the material of choice that will ultimately stand the test of time. Consider buying a leather bag an investment in your future as well as your current needs; your genuine leather bags, such as those sold here at Freedom of Movement, are likely to outlive the designer labels in your closet tenfold, and that’s based purely on an assessment of the materials used in your bags’ production.

The superior fabric

Leather is one of the oldest materials ever made by humans. Naturally the techniques used in leather production have adapted and grown as the need for, and uses of, leather did. As a material which has spent hundreds, even thousands of years having its production process perfected; it is no wonder why more “modern” man-made alternatives fall short. Genuine leather products can be equated with fine wine; they only get better with age!

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Here at Freedom of Movement we pride ourselves on bringing you only the very best genuine leather products with all the style perks of a designer label, and the superior quality that only genuine leather can offer, at affordable prices.


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