Local is Lekker: 5 reasons to buy local

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1. Job creation

In South Africa’s current economic climate where jobs are scarce, investing your money in locally produced goods feeds directly into the uplifting and strengthening of your local economy. By creating the demand for a locally produced product you are also aiding job creation in and around Cape Town. We here at Freedom of Movement employ 9 Lekker Locals in our efforts to provide you the consumer with top quality handmade artisanal genuine leather bags in the Mother City and sunny Stellenbosch.

2. Social Responsibilities

Local companies are far more likely to reinvest their time and money for the betterment of the community in which they are actively involved and supported by!

3. Save Money

In the fast paced global economy, online shopping has been heralded for its convenience and ease – but when you need to convert all prices from Dollars to Rands + Shipping – online shopping from international fashion houses becomes expensive. Eliminate the middle man and order online from local artisans like us! We here at Freedom of Movement aim to deliver only the finest handmade genuine leather bags made right here in Cape Town that will match if not exceed the quality of imported goods.

4. Go Green

By purchasing from a local manufacturer, even if it be online, you are doing your bit in reducing your own carbon footprint, and the negative effects of carbon emissions on our global climate. By buying local you are minimizing not only your own distance travelled, and thus the amount of time your car spends on the road, but also a number of goods that need to be imported to South Africa – you can thus have a hand in reducing the pollution created by airplanes, cargo ships and cars alike!

In support of the same effort to go green – by buying locally, you can do your part to save a tree! Your purchases will go straight from shelf to your hands and won’t require a tree to be slaughtered in order to make a cardboard box for the shipping of your products to your door.

5. Be Appreciated!

No-one is more appreciative of your continued support than your local artisanal craftsperson! We here at Freedom of Movement value each and every one of our clients, who in turn value our superior customer service and the quality of our handcrafted genuine leather bags and accessories.


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