Local is (really) Lekker!

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Recently, we were presented with a great opportunity to collaborate on The Cape Brewing Company’s project “Love The Craft”, we naturally jumped on board! We initially saw this as an opportunity to network and market our brand – basically as purely a business opportunity. Little did we know what an illuminating experience this would be. The project is simply an appreciation of local artisans who pour their hearts and souls into their craft, and the outcome is beautifully influenced by the nuances which make us South African.

The group of creatives gathered on this project is truly mind-blowing, from Sandy Godwin’s delicate earthenware vessels and jewellery pieces to the Bouwers magnificent ability to tell stories through their boutique-film studio Narrative Truth. We are often prone to think, imported is better and brands from abroad equates to better quality. This initiative has set out to change this narrative in totality. We are so proud to have been a part of this amazing project.

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Apart from the great article describing us as “The Leather Lads” and the amazing video soon to be uploaded (so keep an eye on our Social Media) we walked away with some much more than expected. Our passion, not only for leather but for this lustrous county was reignited. We got a chance to be exposed to excellent local treasures, which is a pure and true reflection not only of the artisans and their creativity but also of how we as South Africans do life. The re-birth of the “Local is Lekker” culture is well underway, and this project is testament to this movement. We are huge fans of local produce, purely because local really is lekker and the domino effect this choice has is truly magnificent. This is also the perfect time to buy local, explore the spaces, places and products which imitate our daily lives.

In other exciting news, we have welcomed a new member to the family, the Ava is here and ready for summer, and remember you can shop online.

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  • Raeesa Khan says:

    I am surely going to be following Freedom of Movement and supporting local is lekker. It’s lovely seeing South African manufacturers, this is beautiful and also will help with the development of our country. We have the minerals resources and labour. Let us become local is lekker.

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