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Everybody loves a good bargain but there are times when paying a bit more for good quality translates into saving money in the long run.. Anyone can buy something  for cheaper, we all know this.There are, however, certain items that should last a lifetime and these items are worth the extra spend.

There is no compromise when it comes to leather. It is either genuine or it is out, as simple as that. Having said that, even bonafide products need to be scrutinized. Quality finishes should stand out in the way that the bag or product is put together. The design, stitching, and the care taken in making something all work together to make up the perfect work of art.. Freedom of Movement sells genuine leather bags and accessories that are handmade and personally checked for quality – this is how we can ensure top of the range quality for every client.

Leather Tools

Price is a common tool used by people to determine the quality of the product that they are looking at. While this is generally a fair guide, it’s not always 100% effective. There are many variables that go into a purchasing decision and as consumers we are barely aware of most of them. The important thing to remember is to balance out price and value – the two should correlate.

Here at Freedom of Movement, we believe in quality. We want you to feel like you have invested in a lifetime purchase and that you will not only love the item forever, but it will also last a lifetime. With a durable material like leather (of the best quality) and our handcrafted designs, personal touches, and passion for what we do, it is impossible not to receive value when buying one of our bags.

Take your look a little further with one of our many identified bags such as ‘The Ted’, ‘The Ralph, “Jane’, or even an accessory such as a laptop pouch or a toiletry bag. Everything is leather. Everything is quality. The price for valuable products may seem to hurt your pocket at first, but never having to buy it again will save you money more times than you know. The smart decision is to buy right – the first time.

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