Telling the Difference between Real and Fake Leather

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A lot of us may think that we can easily tell the difference between real and fake leather, and while some of us can, it is not a mistake worth making. When it comes down to it, people pay for real leather for a number of reasons – and the prices are worth it! Genuine leather lasts a life time and is more durable, it also feels better and moulds to the use of its owner whether it is a bag, shoes, or clothing item.

The well known way of smelling an item to check its real material is always helpful. Checking for the well known “leather smell” is a trick that we all know and remember. This article is for those of us who still don’t feel quite sure after smelling the amazing leather bag on the shelf or the shoes that grabbed our eye.

Another way for making sure that an item is real leather is to carefully check for pores. Leather once had hair on it and the pores will be shown in some sort of consistent pattern. Thinking of the leather as a skin can help. For example, if you dug your fingernail into your skin it would leave a mark and slowly fade – the same goes for genuine leather. Genuine leather will also be thicker and softer than faux leather which often has that smooth shiny feel to it and is thinner than it should be.

The last way to check whether leather is the real deal or just trying to fake it is by looking at the other side of it. Real leather tends to have a suede type look and feel while fake leather is often plastic or material on the other side.

These tips and tricks should help when you are shopping around, but for your complete ease and to feel assured, it is best to buy leather products from a trusted wholesaler who is known and passionate about leather design, production, and quality.

Freedom of Movement provides a wide range of genuine leather bags, accessories and wallets and produces only real, top quality leather. All products are handmade ensuring that each and every offering is up to standard. With real leather, and the personal time and craftsmanship going into every product, Freedom of Movement is a sure place to buy any time.

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