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At Freedom of Movement, our mission is to be known as an aspirational and responsible South African brand that connects people through delivering authentic lifestyle products and experiences.

Working for Freedom of Movement means a fantastic position in an aspirational South African brand, where we inspire all personnel to create their own destiny and live their lives with true FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: the Freedom to dream | the Freedom to create | the Freedom to move.

You will be working in an environment with plenty of development opportunities, new experiences and improved skill sets. You will be given the freedom to positively contribute and share in growing our business. We approach our work with enthusiasm, are agile and celebrate our wins with every opportunity. We have created a culture of inclusivity allowing everyone to be their authentic selves and embrace diversity.  We believe in mutual respect and support and constantly strive on creating a workplace environment at which all feel at home, and part of the FOM family.



"Uhambo" translates to “journey” in Zulu as well as Xhosa. Uhambo implies an adventure or purposeful movement, overcoming challenges and obstacles during the journey. It encapsulates the essence of seeking new experiences, encountering different cultures and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to embark on an inspirational expedition. At Freedom of Movement, we believe that Uhambo personifies our Culture which is centered around teamwork, where we create an environment that fosters resilience, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Together we passionately work towards inspiring, fostering a culture of innovation, and delivering products and service of superior quality.


  • I am goal-orientated and work with my team to achieve our targets and objectives.
  • I believe that collectively we make a difference for a better shared vision and the achievement of results.
  • I am committed to making consistent positive contribution to my team as I believe we are stronger together.


  • I act with Integrity - my word is my honour.
  • I will remain open and honest in my communication with others.
  • I empower my team and trust them to always act in the best interests of FOM.


  • I aim to maintain a healthy balance between professional achievement and personal fulfilment.
  • I am committed to delivering work that is of high quality and will set time to rest and re-energise.
  • I will remain authentic to myself and the manner in which I conduct myself at work.


  • Through my optimism, passion, enthusiasm, and positive energy I will inspire my colleagues to achieve the extraordinary.
  • I support uplifting and giving back to our communities and through this inspire others to follow.